Post Tensioning of Building Slab

February 26, 2015

Post Tensioning

This is a good video showing step-by-step procedure of a building post tensioning slab. These are some of the main steps shown in this video.

  • PC Strand preparation, into a uncoiler.
  • Cutting the PC strand into desired length and pack them according to tendon size / configuration.
  • Forming Fixed Anchors (Dead End) with the use of a Bond Head Machine.
  • Positioning the Anchors on formwork with pocket former.
  • Installation of galvanised steel duct and Bursting Reinforcement.
  • Stranding.
  • Securing the Fixed Anchors.
  • Positioning of Bar Chairs to achieve desired tendon profile.
  • Installation of Grout Vents to tendon.
  • Concreting.
  • Removing pocket former and installing of Anchor Head & Wedge in preparation for Stressing.
  • Marking of PC Strand length for elongation reading (after stressing).
  • Stressing using hydraulic Mono Stressing Jack.
  • Checking for desired PC Strand elongation.
  • Removing excess PC Strand and covering up recess pocket.
  • Preparation of Grout material.
  • Grouting of tendon and job completion.