Customized 100 metric ton Stressing Jack

July 25, 2015

In July 2015, we started to deliver a series of customized Stressing Jack to some precast concrete operators. This 100 metric ton Stressing Jack works on a 200mm length stroke and it is able to perform simultaneous stressing job on 4 PC strand spaced 50mm apart.

TMG successfully helped the operators to reduce up to 75% of their mapower cost and also increased the production cycle time. And this is a tremendous improvement on the overall work productivity and efficiency.

As TMG is specialized in all sorts of customization work, we are constantly working on more innovative and groundbreaking products. This will inevitably bring values and reduction in operation cost for our users, both on prestressing and post tensioning jobs.

The development of technology brought us many conveniences and also altered our tradional ways of running businesses. And TMG believes that by embracing and implementing appropriate adaptation with technology, we can remain relevant and also ahead of the changes in the prestressed concrete industry.

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