Flat Stress Anchors

Flat Stress Anchors is generally used for building post tensioning slab, flat slab, side walls of hollow core beams / girders, transverse of box girders deck / top slab, etc.

Flat Stress Anchors are generally applied on thin post tensioning slab with the concrete strength keeping the slab in compression. Large and long spans are possible as the tendon profiles are designed to counteract deflections using prestressing force. Material usage is also minimized and reduced with post tension slab as compared to conventional reinforced concrete designed slab. This is particularly obvious in building construction.

With the same load factor, lesser concrete is used to obtain the same result, and construction costs are further reduced. This cost saving with post tension slab is obvious as prestressed concrete make better economic sense. With high rise buildings, skyscrapers, malls, multi-storey parking garage, stadiums etc; the advantages are even more prominent. This is because the reduced slab thickness and weight translate to lesser foundation.

With thinner floor thickness, more floor(s) can be added and thus increasing the plot ratio. Hence post tension slab not only reduces overall construction cost, it also means better build ratio with increased structure strength.

Flat Stress Anchors has anchors ranging from 2 to 5 PC strand.